Where? A trip north of the border…

I have recently returned from a visit to Scotland to see the plaster cast collections in Edinburgh and Glasgow. In Edinburgh it was the Trustees’ Academy, founded in the late eighteenth century, that built a teaching collection of plaster casts for the teaching of drawing. This collection was augmented when the Academy shifted its institutional identity under the Department of Science and Art from 1858. The casts are now distributed between Edinburgh College of Art, the Scottish National Gallery and the University of Edinburgh.

Heading west, I visited the Glasgow School of Art, where the curator Peter Trowles was kind enough to share his knowledge of their extensive collections. The archive of the GSA is particularly rich in the ephemera related to the acquisition of plaster casts, with a wealth of useful invoices and correspondence from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It was particularly gratifying to see several Brucciani casts dating from the same period as those here at the Museum of Classical Archaeology. I am also grateful to the Archives and Collections Assistant, Michelle Kaye, for locating some fascinating archival material that will really help to contextualise my research in Cambridge.

At Edinburgh College of Art, with additional headgear...

Naukydes Discobolos
At Edinburgh College of Art, with additional headgear…

At Glasgow School of Art, he's 'armless...

Naukydes Discobolos
At Glasgow School of Art, he’s ‘armless…


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2 responses to “Where? A trip north of the border…”

  1. Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections says :

    Hi Rebecca,

    We’re really glad your trip was useful – do keep us informed of your progress!

    Best wishes, Michelle

  2. Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections says :

    Reblogged this on GSA Archives and Collections and commented:
    Rebecca Wade (AHRC Postdoctoral Researcher, “Connecting with Collections”, Museum of Classical Archaeology at the University of Cambridge) recently visited us in relation to her research project about teaching aids and plaster casts – we’re really pleased her visit was so useful. Best of luck with the project, Rebecca!

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