In the midst

As a part-timer on the CwC internship scheme, I’ve now hit the half way point. I’m in the process of figuring out a date for a Wednesday lunchtime talk on 18thC and 19thC  school samplers at the Fitzwilliam Museum in September, so far there are three possible dates. My mentor will be giving a talk the week before mine about the sampler collection overall- keep checking my blog for the details! My online exhibition is almost completed in draft and I have a meeting with a tech-guru at the Fitz who will show me how to turn several separate word documents into an exhibition. I’m aiming to get that up and running early September to coincide with my lunchtime talk. There will be an opportunity for school children to come and learn about sampler making and I’m also in the middle of organising that as well. If possible I’d like to have the school workshop in July, but I will need to check if that will work.

There’s still plenty to do though, as I have several trips to various libraries and other museums to look at their sampler collections. I have a meeting with the marketing officer at Cambridge, and  I need to work out how I’m going to spend my budget and how I’m going market the online exhibition. Also we’ve just delegated organisational jobs for the symposium at the end of September. Plenty to do between now and the end of the internship!





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