Between January 2013 and September 2013, six post-doctoral intern researchers will each lead individual AHRC-funded projects across the eight Cambridge University Museum institutions and the University Botanic Gardens.  The six projects are part of a Connecting with Connections initiative that aims to transform access to the exceptional collections and research resources of the university museums.  Our Connecting with Collections blog follows the six projects from their beginnings through the various stages to their conclusions in June to September 2013.

The six interns are:

Sebastian Falk, Whipple Museum of the History of Science; Aaron Jaffer, Fitzwilliam Museum; Pippa Lacey, Cambridge University Botanic Garden; Leena Rana, Fitzwilliam Museum; Lorna Richardson, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and Museum of Zoology; Rebecca Wade, Museum of Classical Archaeology; Internships are mentored by Dr Alana Jelinek, AHRC creative fellow in Creative and Performing Arts, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.


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